am Lyatt
 grew up in a small town in New Jersey as the youngest of three. Spending most of her childhood outside, she loved playing in the woods or fishing the local lakes. When she wasn’t in the sun, Sam was writing short stories or articles for her school newspaper.

Torn between science and writing, she hoped to one day combine her affinity of each. Sam pursued engineering in college, while participating in fencing and competitively sailing as Commodore of the yacht club.

While earning a Master’s degree in Ocean Engineering, Sam continued to read and write in her spare time, as well as refurbish old sailboats, canoes, and fishing boats. She went through several part-time jobs, from naval research technician to dockhand, while enjoying time fishing on the weekends.


Sam now works as an engineer in the flood risk management industry, aiding in the protection of coastal and riverine communities. Separately, she is writing nautical fantasy fiction, implementing descriptions gained through life experience. Sam hopes to inspire her readers through adventures of the seas, while depicting the wonders of the oceans, sailing, and mythology.


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